Saturday, April 17, 2010

What's that smell????

Sniff sniff* what's that smell????

oh its my blog, rotting, so the stench is from my blog. LOL.

its been a while since i last blog, so wanna try a diff approach to begin a post. ( aint going so well i guess haha)

anyways, let me update u with my latest updates.

first of all, i graduated. After one year of CAT, i graduated from that course. Congrats??? well, CAT is suppose to be equivalent to a diploma, so i am kinda happy that it passed.

some photos from the graduation. i am lazy to upload more. feel free to ask if u are interested in looking at more photos.

i am not sure whether to be happy or not after getting through CAT as ACCA now is sucking all my youth life away!!!! gotta persevere!!!!

so, basically that's all my updates till now. having a hard time dealing with ACCA as i am well known of my laziness....... buck up???? yeah.

hmm i guess its byebye???? till next time.

Signing out,

PS: this post is purely to keep my blog from continuing to rot. XD

Sunday, February 21, 2010


OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!!

I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!!! i passed all my papers!!!!!!!

here, i would like thank all the god that i had prayed to and god that had blessed me!!!!!

and thank all my friend that wished me luck!!!!

oh yeah, congrats to all those frens that have passed all papers!!!!

time for celebration????? haha i hope so

so all and all, goodbye CAT!!!! and Hello ACCA (should i even welcome acca?????)

alright, i am so happy now.

anyway, ciao~~~

signing out,

PS: really thanks god......nearly fail one paper!!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

me as a promoter~~~

Alright, this time i am here to tell u about a particular blog that is so interesting and unique that i believe its the only one in this world!!!!

let's not waste anytime and allow me to bring you the most in-to-the-trend blog!!! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, allow me to present to you~~~~~~>12 moments!!!!

so, what is so special about this blog??? let me tell you bits by bits.

First of all, this blog is an online boutique (or at least that's what i see in the blog....). So, ladies, its a boutique selling female clothing and accessories and trust me, the stuff they are selling, it's smoking hot!!!! prices are reasonable (when i say reasonable, i dont mean CHANEL and LV type of reasonable, they are really reasonable....). well, dudes, sorry there are no male clothing on sale, yet i guess. 2 sets of clothing will be out every week~~~

Secondly, this blog tells story. Not action, not comedy, not suspense but romance. teenage romance. very romantic. I aint gonna tell you anything about the story here, go read for urself (dont wanna be a spoiler....). so the story will be up monthly and four parts per chapter.

Thirdly, this blog doenst just tell story and sell u clothing, it actually helps you to pair up suitable clothes with suitable accessories. Plus, it also provides different style of clothes. So, no matter what ur taste is, sexy, cool, casual, shy, you name it, they got it!!!!

Samples from the blog!!!

These are some of the samples from the blog. (pls look at the clothing and accessories........though i encourage you to look at the models too~~~ haha)

well, i am not good at promoting stuff, so for more information pls visit Jason's and baboon's.

these is a particular phrase in jason's blog that i like........

12 different type of horoscope.
4 different type of seasons.
4 different person,
4 different feelings,
1 touching story in common.....

nah this is not the one. this is my own creation. nice??? haha

this is the real one.
12 months in a year. 
4 weeks in a month.
4 very different individuals.
Unquantifiable feelings;
1 story.

so, to visit the blog, pls kindly click the following picture~~~
TADA!!! done. 

signing out,

PS: confusion is becoming......( dont understand??? dont bother cause i dont understand it myself either.....)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

my blogging style????? lol

haiz....... abandoned my blog again..... sorry ya dear? haha.

but seriously why do i always abandon my blog??? well, cause, i am not that kinda person who 'report' to the whole world about what i did today. erm, i mean, why would u want to know about my life???? and plus, my life is boring. however, if a certain event in my life that i feel worthy to share, i will post it up. haha. so basically, this blog is for me to speak out the voice in my head and heart. therefore, all the things i said in this blog, i meant them. normally, i wont hav much of a voice in my head or my heart, so not much blogging is done. (one hell of a excuse dont u think??? haha)

ok, to begin with, its feb in 2010, and things are getting kinda haywire. i finally get a taste of how tough acca can be. and i aint giving up. though i am positively sure that i screwed pt1 up........

my life??? basically its still the same, but these few days really f**ked up. first is the progress test, next is my mum's mood swing and third, last sem results havent come out yet.

well, i got no one to blame for the progress test. i admit that i am lazy. so gotta bulk up.

next, i hav no idea what i going on with my mum. most of the time, we can talk and laugh. but these few days, she is like in constant bad mood. and when she is in a bad mood, i am the one to take the consequences. get screw for no reasons. get scream for no reason. and it really messed up my mood!!!! RRrrrRRR. pissing offff~ but who cares, its my mum anyway.

and, the worst part, results. haiz, its coming out on 22nd feb. so pray for me yea????

girlfriend??? nope, still single but not desperate. haha. dun want some girls to restrain my freedom. hehe~~~

friends??? they are fine, i guess. though 'some' of them are having some problem and seemed to be so moody and that too can sometimes mess up my mood, so that makes me an emotional person???? lol. its just that i care bout my frens, rite????

and ,oh yeah, chinese new year is coming up!!!! haha. i really hope that i can dye my hair for it or after it. what kinda color??? well, why dont u guys suggest it. haha. i nvr try it b4.

so, basically, these are what's on my mind now. feels kinda good when u can like put everything out in words and understand what's bothering u. huuuuu~~~~

that's it for this time. till next time then.

signing out,

the current me (ignore it if it bothers u~~~)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

what to talk about????

hmm, this seems to be the one question that i face whenever i wanna blog.

so, what to talk about??? ah headache!!!! normally i will give up at this point. but since i am too free tonight, i am gonna talk about my life in 2009 and 2010 (erm the 20 days in 2010....)

so lets start with 2009, shall we?
lets see, 2009, i am 18? then, college starts. make new friends. had lots of new experience~~(erm not that 'kind' of experience...)

college. Sunway University College. Did CAT in 2009.

Friends. too many.
Boon Wei
Boon Siew
Ching Yoon
Big' D
Sine Yee
Xiu Qi
Zu Peng
Wee Liang
Wan Yee
Xin Xun
Lee Teen
and lots more!!!! (names are in no particular order and for those whose name din show up, that doesnt mean that u are not my fren. its just that my hands are tired......)

Experience? well, get to go trips with friends. falling in love (i guess....). others, drinking, clubbing, night outings (as in b4 4am wont end). i think these are enough haha.

so basically, 2009 is kinda fun. with all the ups and downs. stress and excitement. happy and sorrow. what else? all and all, i am glad i met u guys (and ladies of course^^). its one hell of a fun ride with u all in 2009!!!!!!!

moving on to 2010.

so, 2010. i am 18+? haha

for the first 20days. it aint fun. classes are dull and kinda hard. and the size of the class is humongous!!! over 100 i think? oh yeah, i finally went to Sunway Lagoon!!!! for details, pls kindly visit Jason and Boon's blog. TQ

though stilll manage to find some fun with my friends ^^ thanks guys~~~

basically i still cant tell whether 2010 willl turn out to be fun or catastrophic??? (hopefully, it will be fun and everything goes my way!!) so, still waiting.

and oh yeah, exam result for last sem is coming out after CNY. so kinda worry about it now. RrrRRRRRrrRRRRR irritating..........

erm, i think tat will be long enough. so, Ciao~~~ till next time.

signing out,

PS: i love my new blog layout~~~~

Saturday, January 9, 2010

PENANG Trip day2 (finally??)

YO!!! sorry bout the delay for this post. I am kinda lazy to update my blog, most of the time, as in, always......

so, back to the topic, Day 2.

woke up around 8am again. dun wanna waste anytime sleeping haha. got ready and woke all of them up. So, this morning, i decided to bring them to one of my all time favourite char koay teow store for breakfast. Climb into the car groggily and off we go~~~

on our way.....of course i am driving~~~

well, because we got the white shirt guy in the photo with us, the restaurant is located in no time at all.

TADA!!!!! the famous char koay teow. (as stated in the photo....)

well i bet most of you people havent heard of this store before. that's because it is famous among penangites and not among tourist.....wasted huh?

us waiting the food~~

this is shereen asking us 'wanna eat a???'

this is me being uncomfortable in front of the cam......

Finallly!!! the food!!!! (drooping......)

erm, well this plate of kuoy teow in the photo is a bit special as some of us doesnt eat prawn so naturally, it all went to boon wei's plate (the prince of therefore, there are so many prawns. but, is the size that matters rite? not the quantity haha!!!!!

after this satisfying but rather expensive meal (cause i ordered the special one and it cost me RM9 but the taste is heaven-like~~~) some of us wanna exercise a bit to help in digestion, so up we went to kek lok si temple!!! (google it if u dunno bout this temple.....)

stairs climbing+sun burning= sweat coming out like crazy~~ well tats for boon wei only since he is famous of his sweating ability.... though we did sweat quite an amount of sweat.

on our way up the temple, discovered some relatives???? lolx....


another unique groupie!!!!

spend a few hours taking photos there.

me with the pillar~~

Then, for some reason, us guys, suddenly become very motivated to climb this tower below in order to see some pretty girl scenery.

so when u top the tower, first thing to do, take picture!!!!!


two sexy backs~~~

looking good~~~

so i discovered this bell, and decided to check it out. it stated there, make a wish, ring the bell, wish come true. well, nothing to lose to give a try rite? so here i go~~

GONG!!! damn nearly loss my hearing. zzzzzz so that taught me not to be over excited when wishing for something......

after the temple trip, time to cool of a bit. what's the best thing for cooling off besides air-cond??? ice la. (duh....) so went to get some ice to eat~~

nah, ice kacang from komtar walk~~

the god-knows-what from komtar walk~~ (i dun remember what the heck is this....)

the ice kacang was like a gift from heaven. so cooling~~ really have to praise and worship the fellow who invented this food~~

after desert, its time for lunch (huh????). Remember yesterday i went to get the car? well, my too-kind grandma decided to treat us to some true penang food- prawn mee with the word homemade in front. so, drive alll the way to my grand folks place.

chilling while waiting for the masterpiece....

and finally, the masterpiece~~(thanks jason for this mouth watering pic!!)

one word to describe this bowl of essence.. delicious~~~

seemed like after meal photo session has become a trend.......

After this meal, went back to hotel for a bath, then decided to check out the shopping mall in penang, which is a dumb thing to do, since, we got like a dozen of mall over here.........we went queensbay mall. and it really meet my expectation, it looks like a ghost town or zombie infested mall. empty beyond words can describe

i mean, where is the crowd!!! its holiday for christ sake!!!!

so screw the mall visiting, and head off to dinner. this time, munn sing's parents who coincidentally visit penang at the same time as us decided to meet us by buying us dinner. Lucky us~~~~

its a restaurant at jln nagor. a nyonya restaurant. apparently very famous~~

in front of the restaurant.

waiting for food.......

finally, i dunno what this called came!!!!! hehe

erm, its fried chicken rite?

after-meal groupie!!

the kind tauke agree to let us use the private stairs for photo taking~~~

Everyone say thank you to the kind man in the photo!!!!

well believe it or not, the girl in the photo, which is munn sing's sister was my ex-classmate and munn sing is my current classmate. weird huh???

so after this satisfying free meal, is time for some night life!!! after asking my uncle for the relevant areas, we went back to the hotel to change into something more 'proper' and off we go.

went MOIS. not MOS. MOIS, get it right. lucky us, no cover charge needed. so went in happily, then only discovered why no cover charge, cause the place is practically empty!!!! nvm, we stilll went high on our own gang. happy night~~~

then when we still discussing whether to change place, we saw this.....

uh oh......

what a fun-sucking eye-sore view!!! since all the mood were wipe out, we went back to the hotel and rest. well, for most of them at least, cause me, boon wei, jason, munn sing, and shereen went out for McD around 2am b4 turning in. speaking of unhealthy meal hour right???

THE END for Day 2.

PS: pls dont stay tune for day3, cause i have no idea when will i post it. will inform those who are interested~~~
oh yeah, for more photos, kindly click this link.--> ching yoon's photos!!!!!

till next time then~~~

Monday, January 4, 2010

Penang Trip!!!! (DAY 1) 28-12-2009

hei!!! what's up people!!!! did u guys miss me???? no? nvm.....

after abandoning my blog for quite sometime, its time to revive it. Whatever.

so, first day, woke up around 7am. Really dont feel like waking up cause slept 3am last night.zzzzzzzzz. Anyway, i got up and got ready. Thanks to my kind father, i got a ride to KL Central (though it was on his way to work). Reach KL Central around 815. Bought a ticket from a not-so-kind lady and head off to the KL KTM terminal.

waited for boon wei and shereen there for bout 20 min and they finally show up. den everyone wait for the bus patiently. except for munn sing who got here 1min before the bus starts.

Took us about 5 hours to Penang.zzzzzzz. my ass was definitely out of shape by the time we reach Penang. Meet up wit boon siew at the bus stop and took 2 cab to the hotel. Wanna guess the fare??? forget it, its RM30. though i saw the reading on the meter only RM20. well u cant blame them, Penang really doesnt have that much roads for them to earn a living.......

So, after reaching the hotel, we divided into each respective rooms. Me, Boon Siew, Ching Yoon and Joovee were in one room while Boon Wei, Jason, Munn Sing, and Shereen in one room. After putting down my luggage, me and my roommates went to my grandma's place to get the car that my too-kind/ godlike uncle borrow us. An Avanza leh!!!!! ( i aint putting a photo of that car since there are plenty of them on the road, go see for urself)

Greeting my grandma.......and grandpa......

see this people, happily cam whoring while i get the keys......

So after getting the car happily, we drove all the way back to the hotel. Thanks to boon siew the human GPS (literally GPS, so anyone visting Penang can hire him!!!) we got there in no time. Oh yeah, did i tell u that our hotel is called Green Hope Hotel???( though it looks more like a motel.....). Fetch the rest of the gang and head off to hunt for food.

First stop, laksa at Air Hitam!!!! they were so excited bout the food. So went there, took a seat and ordered the food. Since me and jason were not such a big fan for sour food, we order Prawn mee instead of laksa (which i am grateful that i did....)

waiting for the food to come......

girls waiting for the food to come.....

and finally, the food!!!!!

so after devouring the food, photo session is a must!!!!

group picture!!! (with me in it ^^)

Another group!!!!

ah~~~ what can i say??? too sweet!!!!

after spicy food like laksa and prawn mee, and u see a ice cream shop across the street, what would u do???? I am guessing running towards it??? cause that is what we did!!!

Gelato with alcohol!!!!

notice the little bottle of bailey over there???

Is eating ice cream a happy thing????

I am guessing it is ^^

cause look at this fellow's face!!!!!

so after the cheap and tasty ice cream, its time for dinner!!! went to new lane. once again thanks to our "GPS"

nah, the 'new' lane..with the not-so-new guy

Loh bak!!!

Char Kuoy Teow, not the best but still good!!!!

satay which i din touch cause my teeth.......

Fried oyster or better know as 'oo jian'

 Black Chicken wing (heed my advise, dont order this!!!)

well we pay for the food we order ourselves. fair. everyone had a great meal!!!!! though we are not full which we did on purpose.....


wooh~~ me and my bowl of curry mee with the gang!!!!

thanks to this fellow, all the chicken wings are gone!!!

i wonder what's on his mind????

well, that's what happen when u put 8 teenagers on the same table.....

after this meal, we still dun feel like goin back to the hotel even though whole body all sticky. Instead, we went to Batu Ferringhi to buy some cheap stuff. well, mostly cheap DVDs........ one for RM4, anyone????
The road to the destination was quite curvy, but for driver like me who goes up and down from cameron, its nothing~~~~ hehe

so after shopping for DVDs, we went back to the hotel. Then, suddenly some fellow still wanna eat, and since boon siew said its kinda near from our hotel, we parked out car and decided to walk.

Its proven, even the most accurate GPS can make mistake!!! the 'kinda-near' walk was about toes got two big blisters.....kesian punya saya........

walking happily to the place........

Gurney drive's medan selera

Since everyone is so tired after the walk, me, as the semi tour guide, decided to pull Joovee with me to go look for food. so we bought, muar chee, ikan bakar, rojak, apom and forgot......

Ikan Bakar!!!

Bubble tea!!! (saviour of the night!!!)

after the meal, walk all the way back to hotel again........ though this time it took 20min only. Everyone was tired after the bus trip and the walk, so took a bath and went to sleep.......

THE END for day one~~~~~