Saturday, April 17, 2010

What's that smell????

Sniff sniff* what's that smell????

oh its my blog, rotting, so the stench is from my blog. LOL.

its been a while since i last blog, so wanna try a diff approach to begin a post. ( aint going so well i guess haha)

anyways, let me update u with my latest updates.

first of all, i graduated. After one year of CAT, i graduated from that course. Congrats??? well, CAT is suppose to be equivalent to a diploma, so i am kinda happy that it passed.

some photos from the graduation. i am lazy to upload more. feel free to ask if u are interested in looking at more photos.

i am not sure whether to be happy or not after getting through CAT as ACCA now is sucking all my youth life away!!!! gotta persevere!!!!

so, basically that's all my updates till now. having a hard time dealing with ACCA as i am well known of my laziness....... buck up???? yeah.

hmm i guess its byebye???? till next time.

Signing out,

PS: this post is purely to keep my blog from continuing to rot. XD

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